How do I take the 60-Day Challenge? Where is it located?

The 60-Day Challenge is done completely online and over the phone. Through a combination of live video conference calls and phone conference calls, you will learn everything from your home or office, wherever learning is most convenient for you.

What is the schedule during the 60-Days?

Mandatory Meetings: There are Online Monday Meetings via Live Video Conference Call from 6:30pm-9:00pm.
Every Thursday, we will have a Phone Conference Call from 12:15pm - 1:00pm.

There will be non-mandatory Field Trips scheduled throughout the challenge.

I’ve played before in a previous challenge, can I play again?

YES! We welcome returning challengers. Especially now that the market has shifted, the challenge curriculum has changed to accommodate the best strategies. Email for our special pricing for returning warriors.

If can’t play this 60-Day Challenge, when is the next one scheduled?

Our challenges are scheduled at least once a year. Continue to check the page Take The 60-Day Challenge for our upcoming events.

What exactly will I be learning?

After the 60-Days you should leave knowing how to write offers, talk to sellers, create systems, build a buyers list, launch marketing campaigns, focus on a geographic market, and develop the necessary habits needed in this business. Each challenge is unique with strategies reflecting the current market.

Every Monday we will have a mastermind spotlighting and exercising these areas by role-play, problem solving, topic specific activities, and discussion/seminar style learning.

What kind of experience or knowledge is required for the Challenge?

You will need to know the basics of the real estate business to start on the same page as the rest of the Challengers. This is not a Real Estate 101 course. Please review the fundamentals of real estate and know the language.

You will be also required to complete tasks and communicate through email, internet, and computer programs. Therefore, being computer literate is mandatory. You will need computer skills like: Word, Excel, Dropbox, email, and researching via the web. You must also own or have easy access to a computer that is capable of all the above.

(Please note that if you are seasoned real estate investor and are already making money in the business, the 60-Day Challenge may not be the right fit. We certainly do not want the tasks and assignments involved in the challenge to hinder or be in conflict with your current real estate business. The challenge is designed for investors that need help creating systems and habits and for those who could benefit by being on a team and held accountable.)

Is it possible to make money during the 60-Day Challenge?

Yes! Please note there is no guarantee in making money in the Challenge. Please do not rely on the Challenge for main or substitute income during those 60 days. We encourage those that are not financially comfortable at this time to play another challenge when finances are in healthy order. We want people to play from abundance. From past experiences, challengers that are financially stable while playing have more focus on the tasks at hand.

What is the typical profile of a 60-Day Challenger?

We are looking for the cream of the crop! People who graduate from the 60-Day Challenge are called Real Estate Warriors. A Real Estate Warrior is: a self starter, independent, resourceful, positive & optimistic, and they possess ingenuity. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! They are willing to do whatever it takes. They are committed.

We want people to work with us in the future, we want build our family; therefore we would like local members that plan on being around to share our network.

I have a full time job, will that hinder my performance?

Actually, we found in the past that people with a full time job usually have more focus and have been extremely successful. This could be from pressure to time manage more efficiently with 2 big commitments.

What happens if I get eliminated? Do I get a refund?

Firstly, we do not want anyone to be eliminated! If you have taken the time to sign up for this program, that already tells us that you are someone special who is ready for something different - a challenge!

We do assess, as best we can, all of our candidates. If it is determined that it is not a a right fit from the start, you will get a refund of the full amount. If you join us in the beginning, play with us for the first 2 weeks and find out that this totally not for you, we understand. You will get your full refund. We want you to be sure that this is what you are ready for!

If a Challenger is accepted onto the final team and after week 3 decide, for any reason, to leave the challenge, there will be NO refunds.

How many hours a week will I need to commit to the Challenge?

15 hours a week minimum is required, but it's known for challengers to spend up to 35 hours a week working on assignments and challenge related work.

What can I do to prepare for the 60-Day Challenge?

-Clean and organize your office space at home. Get everything put in its place and filed away. Back up your computers.
-If you use your cell phone as your primary contact and source of outbound calls, increase your minutes so you are not charged overages.
-Postpone any big trips or huge obligations.
-Read Brian Tracy’s, “Eat That Frog”, become acutely aware of time management and creating efficiencies.
-Re-listen to any of your old real estate programs – believe it or not, they are all good. Use them as refresher courses.
-Get a Dropbox account (this will be explained in your introductory materials)
-Clear your mind, open your heart and get ready for a wild ride!